Hotaru Gets Trolled

I love Mondays – when it’s my day off.

It’s fantastic to go to my favourite places that would be otherwise mobbed during weekends or afterhours. I get seated whichever table I like and nothing is “sold out for the day, sorry” 🙂 .

Also the forecasted rain for 12pm clearly couldn’t find it in his heart to ruin my perfectly straightened hair and it decided to postpone itself till much later, then we got free top ups on our cappuccinos by the barista who said me and mum made the patio look more appealing, so we sat there for ages and watch the world go by, judged strangers and their dogs, hid from the rain under the sunshade. It was the perfect day indeed.

I got this thing from an unrecognized number – unrecognized by my phone I mean, otherwise I recognize the avatar alright – and I thought, OK, the perfect circle of Monday, 6th March is now complete, this really is the best day ever, I felt light and lit like my heart was beating in my throat and I literally made it rain on the hoes in the shops in order to amplify the excitement that I was already feeling. Only hiccup was that I did not have a straight, easy answer to my mum who kept asking “So, who is he?” . She just enjoyed the occasion, and so did I, plus my bonus wasn’t gonna spend itself anyway!




In a few hours, and supposedly beyond several time zones away, it was soon clarified that my day wasn’t a perfect circle at all, on the contrary, it’s straight back to the “square one” .

Oh Fiona yes 100% baby 😦


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