Be’lin, Be’Nil

So we’re in some generic shopping mall made of Portakabin, Ytong etc with artificial air and light.

H&M and Starbucks are right around the corner too.

So there’s no doubt it’s year 2017.

But I somehow half-expect the escalators take me through a timewrap of mahogany fabrics and lacquered furniture, hints of naphthalene I can almost smell, as if it’s 1990 something.

The nostalgia was so overwhelming, so bizarre to make these weird associations for virtually no reason in such a characterless place when I have absolutely no connection – in the past or for foreseeable future – with Berlin.

Ahhh.. perhaps everybody is connected to Berlin somehow. The city has a past of turmoil and human suffering across generations which may well be still lingering in between cobblestones. Berlin is one of those places that hosted more than its fair share of “world changing events” where sensations rippled through people’s thoughts, actions and art, expanding to infinity, shaping destinies and personalities of modern times. And whatever it was that I “breathed in” last weekend in Berlin, it must have resonated with something that I had breathed in during early 90s. Now that I think of it, Zeitgeist has always been my second favourite word 🙂

I hear many lost Geists are looking for somewhere to belong  in “Berlin Scene” and I hear they are the most progressive ever, while Zeitgeist seems to have paused somewhere along the road, so it’s like everybody is now living life through a VR helmet and doing their own thing relentlessly through an individual consensus of like-minded people. Well, all the power to them, although I’m a hardcore realist. I even bought a “Nothing is real” jumper the other day. It stroke a cord with me when I spotted it.

Overall, Berlin has been kind and patient with me, and I appreciate the good hair day too.


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