Bir Günlük Düş ve Gerçek 

I was 6 when I read that Samad Behrangi masterpiece. This book was my first heartbreak and my actual exit from childhood. It switched something on in me which hasn’t been off since. I don’t expect people who believe in love and happy endings to understand.

I recently met someone who also grew up reading Behrangi, it genuinely felt like I found a long lost relative. Argued with taxi drivers, detained by ticket inspectors and almost got arrested. I just love my generation of Eastern girls, we are a cross between “characters of Sailormoon and members of Warpaint” we are so humble and unassuming but so solid and so powerful.

I had my fair share of Bir Günlük Düş Ve Gerçek myself recently.

I was putting so much time and energy towards a goal, just to realise it was all in my head and what I thought was “mine” has been “somebody else’s” all along. I made some choices not based on logic, convenience or professional gain but instead, purely on personal, emotional, juvenile desires which was obviously the wrong move. I’ll just have to live with the consequences now. I even wonder if I should just bin my Berlin flights altogether.

Düş was for a day, now back to Gerçek. RIP Bahrangi, I’m officially older than you now, I thought about Aras river while on the bridge today actually. Maybe a piece of your kind soul had reincarnated in me in 1988, so if that’s the case Behrangi, I hope you like what you see through my eyes and please give me the strength to carry this heavy heart. I just want someone to work around my childish fears and tantrums, to see and love the authentic person beneath all this dust & gravel. Isn’t that better than asking for free rides and diamonds? Guess not. Men are idiots and I’m done trying.


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