In my country of origin.. There is a steep gap in terms of how people actualise and internalise social phenomenon. I wish it was as simple as age or education differences but it’s beyond that. Anyway, there’s judgement towards anything new and progressive bla bla the usual Middle Eastern story. But my own mother surprised me, when she mentioned some local guy marrying a (very) much older European woman for a better life and she talked about him as if he committed a despicable act or crime of some sort. I expected more of her, then again, she changed her meds recently..

The guy lives in a country where everybody has a gun and motive to kill, while his double-dish satellite receiver shows him a world of social security, consumables and sex, only a few timezones away. He has one life, just like everyone else. He wants to use it, just like everyone else. Everybody is a refugee in this world, we are all running for our lives, seeking shelter in corporate ratrace or drugs or obsessions or food. I hope he finds what he needs and high five to the cougar who snatched him.


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