The Libertine

“… officially the most depressing month of the year” said the radio presenter as we were parking outside the grocery store.

I am quite pleased with January actually. I am impartial to December festivities and the so-called “magic” despite my Christian upbringing. Festivities, however, do bring some illusion in town: People who often complain about lack of time, energy and money to do other things magically find the time, energy and money to wander in malls with bags full of merchandise or get carried away with online shopping till late. January is the month when they literally and financially burn out. Bingo. The radio presenter is probably dreading his credit card statement arriving shortly.

I already collected a small pile of “payday loan” flyers through the door. My street has four betting shops and 1 casino a few yards away from one another, so the loan companies are having an educated guess at the neighbourhood’s tendencies towards using their services. Although I am aware that these flyers are like grenades and they have the power to destroy homes where they are left, I do welcome these flyers. They are thick, glossy and they feature pretty people flashing pound sterling bills. I lay these flyers at the bottom of my parakeet’s cage, as a cleaning solution, with confidence that she will not call their premium-rate number behind my back and request a 2371% APR loan.

Patrick has figured it out: I’ve got to go, so here I go, I’m going to run the risk of being free, I can’t and I won’t bow down any more:


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